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“Gerrymander Menagerie” is a collection of film machines and optical toys that use the current political circus and upcoming election for their content and fodder.

"Horse and Pony show" is a zoetrope which presents an analog animation of a donkey turning into an elephant and vice versa, referring to the symbols for the democratic and republican parties. The zoetrope was an early animation machine that traditionally animated images. "Horse and Pony Show" animates objects modeled in a CAD program and 3D printed.

"Clown Alley" presents a series of shadow casters based on a napoleon era practice. During the controversial political leader's period of exile his followers would carry walking sticks with turned toppers. These toppers, when held up to a street lamp would cast the profile of napoleon. It was a secret language and method of claiming allegiance. My shadow casters are 3D printed in plastic and mounted to PVC plumbing pipes; each presents the silhouette of a potential candidate for the 2016 presidential race.

"Flock of Drones" is a machine of my own invention that uses a modified overhead projector to mechanize a lenticular animation. A viewer turning a small crank mechanizes the machine. The animation presents a flock of drones with tiny spinning propellers flying through the sky.

The curtain makes reference to a circus tent, a theatre, and also the voting booth.